As the draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan is prepared the maps, plan chapters and other information will be available for download and/or viewing from this page. 

REVISED 2040 Chapters are now available, please follow the link to the appropriate chapter (please note latest drafts are provided below, edits have been made to include Affected Jurisdiction 6-Month Review that is now CLOSED):

1 Draft Community Context 1-6-2019

2 Vision Goals Strategies 1-6-2019

3 Draft Land Use 1-30-2019

4 Draft BDG 1-6-2019

5 Draft Housing Chapter 1-30-2019

6 Draft PTOS 1-30-2019

7 DRAFT Transportation 1-30-2019

8 DRAFT SurfaceWater 1-30-2019

10 Draft Implementation 1-30-2019

DRAFT Responses to Open House #1 Questions can be accessed from the following link:

Question Summary_Lake Elmo Open House #1

DRAFT Materials from the Open House #2 can be accessed from the following links:

Open House #2_Large Format Boards

Open House #2_Presentation Slides

DRAFT Concept Plans and Discussion Items from recent Advisory Panel Meetings can be accessed from the following links:

AP SWOT_5282017
Goals Terms Glossary
Draft Goal Statements AP Mtg 2
Lake Elmo AP 2_VisionWorksheet
Draft Land Use Concept S of 10th
Old Village Draft Concepts AP Mtg 4

Stakeholder Presentations and Minutes can be accessed from the following links:

Stakeholder Meeting RR 7172017
Stakeholder Mtg Minutes 7.17.17
Stakeholder Meeting Old Village PPT 7252017
Stakeholder Mtg Minutes Village 7-25-17

The DRAFT Chapters and Appendices can be accessed from the following links:

Lake Elmo Advisory Panel Background Report
Background Figures

Materials from PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT events can be accessed from the following links:

On April 29th we attended Arbor Day and asked residents to identify their favorite place in the city with a Green Dot, and their least favorite or place facing challenges with a red dot.  We took a picture of the board, and prepared a summary of the findings from the event which can be viewed from the links below:
Arbor Day Board
Arbor Day Summary