As the draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan is prepared the maps, plan chapters and other information will be available for download and/or viewing from this page. 

Updated DRAFT 2040 Chapters are now available, please follow the link to the appropriate chapter:

Draft Chapter 1: Community and Planning Context

Draft Chapter 2: Vision, Goals, and Strategies

Draft Chapter 3: Land Use

Draft Chapter 4: Balanced Development and Growth

Draft Chapter 5: Housing

Draft Chapter 6: Parks, Trails and Open Space

DRAFT Responses to Open House #1 Questions can be accessed from the following link:

Question Summary_Lake Elmo Open House #1

DRAFT Materials from the Open House #2 can be accessed from the following links:

Open House #2_Large Format Boards

Open House #2_Presentation Slides

DRAFT Concept Plans and Discussion Items from recent Advisory Panel Meetings can be accessed from the following links:

AP SWOT_5282017
Goals Terms Glossary
Draft Goal Statements AP Mtg 2
Lake Elmo AP 2_VisionWorksheet
Draft Land Use Concept S of 10th
Old Village Draft Concepts AP Mtg 4

Stakeholder Presentations and Minutes can be accessed from the following links:

Stakeholder Meeting RR 7172017
Stakeholder Mtg Minutes 7.17.17
Stakeholder Meeting Old Village PPT 7252017
Stakeholder Mtg Minutes Village 7-25-17

The DRAFT Chapters and Appendices can be accessed from the following links:

Lake Elmo Advisory Panel Background Report
Background Figures

Materials from PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT events can be accessed from the following links:

On April 29th we attended Arbor Day and asked residents to identify their favorite place in the city with a Green Dot, and their least favorite or place facing challenges with a red dot.  We took a picture of the board, and prepared a summary of the findings from the event which can be viewed from the links below:
Arbor Day Board
Arbor Day Summary